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Scrolling Through YouTube? Include These Recommendations in your Watch History!

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By Phoebe Grace Aseoche
Published January 27, 2022


  • Discover Some Favorite YouTubers (recommendation from TYWLS Students!) 

  • Discover Some Favorite content to watch (recommendation from TYWLS Students!) 

  • Author's Recommendation: Some of my own favorites and video links to check out! 


TYWLS Recommendations 

Have you ever scrolled through youtube wanting to watch something quickly so you aren’t tempted to watch a whole series/movie? OR because of boredom? Well, you have come to the right place! Being both a student and teenager has always been stressful which is why entertainment platforms including youtube have been my release of anxiety and recently, for educational purposes. Here are some of TYWLS' favorite YouTubers and content! 


Favorite YouTubers

Here is a list of YouTubers recommended by TYWLS Students for everyone’s interests from K-pop content to gaming content. The variety of content that youtube offers is infinite and captivating because there is something for everyone. Youtube videos have evolved from solely being used for entertainment to educational purposes in the classroom as well as effective studying tactics catering to different audiences. Let's take a look at some of the most requested! 


1. K-Pop/International Content

K-pop as recent as its phenomenon seems to appear, this genre started to attract musicians and music lovers in the 1990s (1992-1997) with the first boy band, Seo Taiji and Boys. Now more than ever are generations ranging from millennials to Gen Z/X, over 64% of the US population alone are infatuated and inspired by the work produced by K-pop Groups. In the present day, according to MineMr, a millennial K-pop fan website, there is a higher among of fans “among Hispanics and African Americans, 13% of all African American and Hispanic millennials and 10% of Caucasians.” 


The TYWLS community alone has shown their passion for K-pop Artists and groups including the following below!

  1. TWICE

  2. Stray kids

  3. BTS

  4. JYP Entertainment

  5. Tzuyang (plus more!)


Contributing to the acceptance of Korean culture, Norman Wu, MS and HS teacher in the math department, has created a space for both K-pop enthusiasts and Animal lovers to share their favorites. According to many MS, Asian Cultured Club was where they made friends and found their own community within TYWLS. Students have not only shown interest in K-pop content but also C-pop and drama making sure everyone have a space to express their own passions and connect with their peers. 


2. Gaming - Minecraft, Fortnite

Minecraft has been around for as long as I can remember. A bit of history on Minecraft, it was created on November 18, 2011, by Markuss Person and Jens Bergensten and high-end developers including Mojang Studios, Other Ocean Interactive, 4J Studios, and Xbox Game Studios. Minecraft is considered one of the best games in our generation with the opportunity for users to be creative or take risks when playing in survival mode where skeletons shoot arrows. According to Gaming Nexus “Minecraft recently breached 42 million units shipped across all its platforms, ranking it unarguably in the top three most successful video games of all time.” 


Over time, Minecraft has developed with updates, from having more materials to work with to cracking eggshells turning more into human life each time. Browse below on some of the best Minecraft gamers growing up and what TYWLS Recommends. 

  1. Ihascupquake

  2. The Game Theorist

  3. Dish

  4. Aphmau 

  5. StacyPlays 

  6. Stampy Cat

  7. Megan Plays

  8. Funneh

  9. Pewdiepie

  10. Ranboo, Tubbo

  11. Valkyrae


3. Talent Shows 

Ever wanted to sing and dance? Do you love to watch the thrill of competitions or the drama from behind the scenes? Talent shows have all that and more! Ever wanted to join a competition but didn’t think you had the guts or talent? Talent shows are very entertaining and have shown the realities of what it's like performing for big stars or professionals who may help you in your career. 


Every single celebrity that we have seen in the media started at a point that either helped their career development or for many, jump-started their careers. Artists such as Sam Smith, Callum Scott, James Author, Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, and more have gone through their journeys and for most have created a platform for them to showcase their talent! Not only singers but dancers, magicians, comedians, and more are recognized through contracts or TV showcases that talent shows create! Here are some recommendations: 

  1. Kids AGT auditions

  2. The Voice

  3. World Of Dance 

  4. Dance Moms!

4. Reaction/Reviews Videos

Love funny memes/videos? Need a pick me up or want to learn something new? Reaction/review videos are both entertaining and make you form your own opinions. Viewers always enjoy reaction videos because it feels like the audience is sharing the experience with the YouTuber and having a conversation. Usually, it is the first time a YouTuber is trying it and is recording meaning the reaction is genuine. In YouTuber's biased opinions, we are able to make opinions ourselves and learn from them. Here are some recommendations: 

  1. Sssniperwolf

  2. Bentellect Courtreezy

  3. About To Eat

  4. Tasty

  5. Wilbur soot


5. True Crime/Conspiracy Theories (stories) 

If you are a big true crime/criminal minds fan, These recommendations are great for you. from Eleanor Neale to BuzzFeed unsolved, each video has a different case and different theories that could be accurate or inaccurate. It's interesting to see how a YouTuber uncovers all of the clues, artifacts, sources, and research that they've conducted in order to present an accurate unbiased understanding of the case. It's all so fascinating to see it apply to our everyday lives which can be scary but it makes for great conversations. I definitely recommend all of these YouTubers describe at least one of your passions. 

  1. Eleanor Neal

  2. Stephanie Soo

  3. Jaden Animations

  4. Bailey Sarian!

  5. Hailey Elizabeth

  6. Buzzfeed Unsolved


When I first watched a BuzzFeed unsolved video, I loved how in-depth and direct the narrating was, which was both comedic and serious. Shane Madej, American film writer, and producer, and Ryan Bergara, started hosting Buzzfeed Unsolved: True Crime in 2016, and soon afterward Madej followed by co-hosting. I felt interactive in helping the guys solve the case and learning interesting concepts when researching and investigating. I remember one case in particular where the guys were uncovering the facts of Elisa Lamb who was killed in a water tank belonging to the Cecil Hotel because it was a case I’d seen on the news and Buzzfeed was my information source to unbiased opinions and instead presenting raw facts. 


6. Tik Tok Youtubers 

Do you have Tik Tok? How long do you scroll through Tik Tok in a day (promise no judgment!). However, it is a social media platform that has changed the lives of many dancers, comedians, and creative ideas including Charli D'amelio, Zach King, Spencer X, and more! Tik Tok first took over Musically and in 2016 became the renowned social media ladder used by more than one billion users. It is a space for users to feel comfortable enough to dance and find a passion for singing through an interactive community! Want more content similar to this? Youtube has recently added a new feature called Shorts or Youtube Stories similar to a discover page from Tik Tok. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Larray

  2. Nailea Devora

  3. Austin Armstrong 

  4. Shnacky Family 

  5. Brooklyn and Bailey 

  6. Julia K Crist


7. Vloggers (productivity, outfit, business, college, advice)

Ever watched “Day in My Life” YouTube videos or Morning/Night Routine YouTube videos? I love you to watch the lives of other people who left either in a different country or state and what type of influence is everywhere. Many of the YouTubers that I watch today are very different but also are going through a similar process as I am which are college applications and transitioning from high school to college. Vlogs are entertaining for those who want a productive day and for advice on situations. To see someone go through it and how they handled it is helpful for what I should be prepared for. 


If you love celebrity news and peering into the lives of those who have created entertaining content for people to enjoy, watching vlogs, business videos, and advice on life/college have changed the way I organize my life as well as helpful advice in friendship situations. If you need inspiration for your OOTD or aesthetic. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Sadie Aldis 

  2. Hannah Elise 

  3. Jess and Gabriel 

  4. Nicole Laeno

  5. Emma Chamberlain

  6. Aalisha Marie

  7. Mai Pham

  8. Emily Lee

  9. Dez Machado

  10. Studyquill

  11. Benoftheweek


Other Specific Types of Content 

  • A funny video like Mr Beast or Faze Rug

  • M/V's (or anything music related) 

  • Anime scenes/clips. Also mukbangs :]

  • Movies (ex. Encanto)

  • Vlogs/blogs of other people's daily lives

  • Sports; basketball volleyball

  • DIY, GRWM (get ready with me)

  • Kpop music

  • Journaling and cooking videos

  • Games (Minecraft, Xbox, Animal crossing, playthroughs, etc)

  • Memes (content, ship)


My Recommendations 

Growing up, since I didn’t have a Disney channel on my TV, Youtube was a way for me to keep updated with new episodes or spoilers. Youtube's algorithms specifically like other social media platforms are created to entice and keep users intrigued with their websites which creates more profit. Nowadays, the internet has made many things possible and was also how I discovered many of the interests I had today as I will mention in my recommendations below! 

1. Doctor Mike (doctor, medical show reviews, facts, quizzes)

As someone who loves medical shows including Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Doctor, Chicago Med, Night Shift, and more, this Youtube channel is perfect for testing the accuracy behind these amazing shows! Note: not all facts or dialogue from shows are accurate but can be altered to create more entertaining and interesting scenes for its audience. 


Dr. Mike is a family medicine physician here in New York City and recently a media celebrity. He was first recognized in August 2015 when Buzzfeed published an article about him titled "Um, You Really Need To See This Hot Doctor And His Dog.” Since his first debut, Dr.Mike has been invited to talk shows and interviews on why he became a doctor. Be sure to check out his videos ranging from his dogs (Roxy the Husky and Bear the Newfoundland breed) to his show reviews. He also collaborates with certified and in training nurses, obstetricians, pediatricians, lawyers, and surgeons to question them and review the accuracy of shows. Dr.Mike’s videos aren’t just entertaining but informative and have been useful when learning about the experiences of a practicing physician. 

2. Crash Course (history, informational, fun ways to learn visually) PBS Learning

Have you ever had an assignment that you didn’t understand or if you were taking a history course and didn’t know what a specific war was about? You should give Crash Course a try! Producers  Stan Muller; Nicholas Jenkins; Nicole Sweeney; Brandon Brungard has created accessible media resources for those who are visual learners and don’t retain information just by reading definitions. 


Instead, with the help of educators including John Green –American author, YouTube content creator, and podcaster– who has written worldwide known books including “Paper Towns”, “Looking For Alaska” and “The Fault in Our Stars” leading the lesson in a very fast and understandable way. 


Personally, this youtube channel has helped me through many years of MS and HS because I never had the best memory and retaining information. Once I started watching and learning the information became less of a forced task but a fun way to learn at the same time being productive. This youtube channel is used in classrooms nationwide as a reference to explain difficult topics and make lessons more engaging! A great resource to have! 


3. Lone Fox (interior design, DIY) 

Lone Fox may be one of my favorite YouTube channels because I love to organize and make things with my hands. The founder of the lone fox is Drew Scott who is an American vlogger known for his DIY ideas, videos, makeovers, transformations, tutorials, hauls, and other projects that he uploads on both of his channels. Watching this channel has made me more of a creative person and learned new tricks such as using items around me to enhance the look of something or how to save materials and reuse them. Long fox has a type of style that I have made into my aesthetic or as on. It is a very bohemian/modern look when he is renovating or doing a makeover of a room. 


Growing up, I used to watch George to the rescue and interior design shows including “The Property Brothers” and “Fixer Upper” because I love how creative and meticulous it was. Specifically in “George to the rescue” I loved how he builds houses for those who are less fortunate or had gone through something traumatic for free which change their lives forever. In a way, interior designing fueled my love for helping people. 


4. Amanda Rachel Lee (bullet journaling) 

If you are someone who needs to be organized and is looking for ways to keep yourself motivated, try bullet journaling! Bullet journaling is a fun way to get creative with planning events or listing down your to-do’s which can be really helpful in balancing both school work and outside activities. 


Amanda Rachel Lee is a YouTuber and entrepreneur in her business of selling stationary equipment and tools as well as her own designed bullet journals. Every month  Amanda Rach Lee posts her monthly bullet journal in a set up that can be used for inspiration and has shared her designs on her website (linked here) that focuses on motivation and productivity and useful sections of a bullet Journal that depends on what you'd like to do in your interests. 


I began bullet journaling during the pandemic because I felt like I was using a lot of organization apps including Google Calendar, tasks, and iPhone Notes which were a lot to keep track of. So instead of using all of them at once, I put everything into one place so that I can reference it easily. It is also very fun because although I'm not an artist and I can't draw, I got to learn different types of handwriting and letterings including calligraphy, background shading, and drawing hacks that made the bullet Journal reflect the type of person I was. I loved the freedom to customize it yourself. If you want some inspiration, please feel free to check out my bullet journaling website!

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