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Why Lockers?

By Alifha Mozumdar
Published November 10, 2022

Lockers. They’re a great place to store stuff. At TYWLS, they’re commonly found inside classrooms (unless your first-period class happens to be on the fourth or fifth floor). So why aren’t there a lot of students using these handy-dandy lockers?
Well, we're here to find out as we explore this unseemingly normal question. Is there some lore behind it? We first sent out a survey about the lockers, how many people use them, and why. 
In the email that got sent out about lockers, there are only 464 lockers and 600 hundred students meaning we would have to share lockers. As well as a combination lock. The policy of the lockers also states that “The school assumes NO responsibility for loss or damage of any item in a locker, locked or unlocked. ``This may have prompted students not to use lockers because of the fear of lockers being breached. Another part of the policy states “You are NOT permitted to go to lockers during the school day (to avoid classroom disruptions).” This also played an important role in lockers not being used since lockers are usually used throughout the day to put stuff in and pull stuff out in between classes becoming convenient. Now you can’t due to the policy-making students avoid lockers. 
We took a poll to find out who uses the locker and who doesn't.    
Well, how are lockers assigned in the first place?
Your parent(s)/guardian(s) have to fill out a locker policy form an Operon, the platform TYWLS uses for important forms. Then, a school admin (usually AP Michael) will email you your locker number. Sounds simple, right? However, it doesn’t help explain the low usage of lockers. Alex is in charge of locker assigning.
Lockers are commonly used by students who need them. Some may say it is not worth having a locker due to being used only in the morning or at the end of the day.

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