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Teacher of the Month: May 2021

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By Mia Soret
Published May 31, 2021

This month, the Teacher of the Month is Tori! I had the pleasure of interviewing her and getting her reaction to all the support from the students. In the interview, she revealed that she was not only shocked to have been Teacher of the Month but eternally grateful because she worries that she is not doing enough as a teacher. Tori had known she wanted to be a teacher at a very young age and as she went on in life becoming a teacher seemed more and more fitting for her. Tori, as many have said especially this year, has tailored her curriculum to accommodate holidays and the virtual setting effortlessly and she said she was able to do so because she constantly takes suggestions from students and really does care to listen to her students. Tori’s goal as a teacher and friend to her students especially with Spanish is that you learn how to speak not just in class but in the real world and try to teach in that sense where it’s more realistic for students. And lastly, she wanted to thank all of the students for their hard work and is especially impressed and proud of all of you. Again, congratulations to Tori for all her hard work and for being such a great teacher and friend to her students.

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