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Teacher of the Month: February 2022

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By Sadiqua Khan & Mia Soret
Published February 28, 2022

As the year progresses, students form stronger, closer relationships with their teachers. With the most votes since the start of the Teacher of the Month series, Tomas swept the competition. His students and advisees advocated for his kindness, funny remarks, and strong teaching. While Tomas is a versatile teacher, ranging from teaching 6th graders to 11th graders, he doesn’t fail to impress everyone as he goes. 
During Tomas’s interview, Tomas shared how he got into teaching, his daily schedule, and his individual teaching style. Tomas actually started off as a researcher with multiple publications (search him up!). He explains that research and teaching go hand in hand, resulting in his pursuit of a career in teaching. He began his teaching career in the Middle East, in the country of Bahrain. He then moved to the United States and continued teaching Physics.
Teaching Style
Tomas has had experience in teaching around the world which truly pushed him to become the kind and open-minded teacher that TYWLS knows him to be. He method of teaching is called “Responsive teaching”, a method that takes student abilities and experiences into account. He usually responds to students with phrases such as “I’ve been a student before, what you are experiencing now is normal” in order to sympathize with students and make them feel welcomed. He also makes sure to alter and tailor his lessons depending on class interest. When asked what he thinks sets him apart from other teachers, he explains that his background in research allows him to focus on extra details to give quality instruction and work. 
Tomas & TYWLS: What is his daily schedule?
Tomas expressed great gratitude to TYWLS, its staff, and the students who make up the school. He explains that all the teachers at TYWLS are welcoming and always keep each other in check. Because of the school environment, Tomas is more motivated to maximize his time. His routine is pretty packed, get ready! Tomas wakes up at 5:00 AM and travels to school using the train (like most of us!). Hee works with students consistently upon his arrival at school and continues to do so until he leaves the school at roughly 4:00 PM. Once tomas gets home from school, he helps his son with his homework until his son goes to bed. Shortly after, he starts lesson prep and sleeps at around 1:00-2:00 AM. To account for his minimal hours of sleep, he takes power naps whenever he gets the chance to in order to support him throughout the day. 
Finally, Tomas was greatly surprised at being Teacher of the Month. He tells all the students reading this, “I didn’t expect the award, so, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” 

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