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Teacher of the Month: November 2022

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By Hailey Martinez Vasco
Published November 21, 2022

To kick us off with this school year's teacher of the month series we have Tomas! This is his second time getting teacher of the month and is well deserved. This year, Tomas teaches 7th-grade science and physics. Many of his students voted for him because of how clear and precise he is when it comes to his teaching skills. He has made an impact on them and they think highly of him. Tomas gives them extra help if needed and is a very understanding teacher. 


While interviewing Tomas we touched upon certain methods he uses when it comes to teaching. You can tell that not only does he care about his profession but he also makes sure to have a nice relationship with his students. Some fun facts about Tomas are that he has a degree in marine biology, and if he wasn’t a teacher he would be a computer engineer.


Tomas had this field trip in college that was related to his degree in marine biology. He knew that he wanted to share his knowledge with others. He had a very inspiring teacher and he looked up to them and wanted to do the same. If he had this knowledge with him why not share it with others? 


One Demanding Principle

When I asked Tomas what he believed was most effective in his teaching style, he answered with the “one demanding principle”. When it comes to this principle, Tomas said he likes to know his students and develop strong relationships. He gets to know them personally by learning about their likes, dislikes, character, and background so students can feel comfortable around him. He does this to ensure that students don’t take his critiques to heart and know he means well.


To end this, Tomas wanted to thank everyone who voted for him, from the bottom of his heart. It’s a big deal to him that his students trust him enough and respect him that they would give him this benefit. Quoting Tomas “This reward means I have to improve more”. While he recognizes he’s been doing a good job he still strives to improve. So thank you to Tomas for accepting this title and being a great teacher.

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