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Teacher of the Month: March 2022

 We all know that the TYWLS staff is awesome. However, aren't we curious about which teacher stuck out the most this past month? For the month of March, we are happy to announce that the teacher that got the most votes was.... Norman!

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TYWLS Astoria Student

By Sadiqua Khan & Mia Soret
Published March 31, 2022

We all know Norman is one of the most sarcastic teachers at TYWLS. After our interview with him, it’s safe to say that that fact still remains. Those who voted for him noted that he is extremely funny and satirical, constantly cracking jokes in class. 

During our interview, it was without hesitation that his humor would accompany the questions. He kept his answers short and sweet and had us laughing throughout. He spoke about his most appreciated school environment and his very humble opinions. 

Teaching Style: 

As we know Norman to be a great teacher and the love that he has for his students, he does enjoy the times in which he finds a quieter space to work. He sees obstacles in his classes as nothing to be afraid of and simply just something “to stare at until they go away.” Norman likes to say that he has yet to reach “meeting standards in student contact.” However, many students say differently and appreciate his satire. Students mention how they feel safe and enjoy the class as they constantly laugh but still are able to learn. In his students' eyes, Norman is pretty great. 


Norman and TYWLS: 

As for Norman’s day-to-day lifestyle, he kept his answer quite simple but effective. When asked what his day-to-day schedule was like, he said “wake up, be Norman, rinse, and repeat.” I don’t know about you, but I would say that’s the obvious answer. 


Beyond simply being Norman comes the traits he has fostered even outside of the classroom. When asked about his own high school experience, he emphasized that being “uncompromisingly honest” is one of the best traits to have and we all know that Norman’s honesty is quite like no other but nonetheless, highly appreciated. 


In the final moments of the interview, he asked why he was chosen and I think at the end of this article it’s quite clear that Norman is not only an admirable teacher but a pretty decent person too. 

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