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Tall Girl 2, Shorter Than My Expectations

Why does Netflix torture us with such terrible films?



Tall Girl Summary

Tall Girl came out in September 2019 and instantly became famous. But, let me give you a brief summary and how it didn’t meet our expectations. Jodi, the main character, is 6’1 ½ and is in high school. At the start of the movie, she would get bullied because of her height. She’d receive comments such as “how’s the weather up there?”, the classic line that this movie is known for. In the movie, it is shown how she hates that phrase, and how it creates more insecurities. But later on, she fell in love with a taller blond, overseas student, Stig.  At first, she thinks it's love at first sight but soon realizes that it resulted in many of her problems. Towards the end (yes we know how it ends, right?) she ends up with her best friend and happily ever. They tried to offer something different in Tall Girl 2 but kind of... failed. 


Judging Tall Girl 2

Hello folks. I am Hayley and I am here to criticize one of the worst movies I've seen in 2022. And judging by the title of this article you know what’s coming up. Tall girl 2, is a reaaaaally bad movie. So I, along with my friends, have watched this movie so you don’t have to (but in case you did, then I am very sorry).  For starters, what was the writer thinking when he decided to make a second movie literally replicating the same plot that was the first one? They introduce another guy who clearly has better chemistry with Jodi, then decide that any form of toxicity that was shown in the first half of the movie of Jack and Jodi’s relationship is gone! Jack and Jodi are set back together by the end of the movie, so I do not understand if this is Netflix’s lame attempt of recreating what they did in “P.S I still love you” and “Kissing Booth 2”.  


In my opinion, they should have had Jodi remain broken up with Jack or end up dating Tommy since not only would it give her a better character arc, but it would be able to show teens that the relationship between Jack and Jodi was not okay and no one should be treated with disrespect. Also, the only good thing that occurred was Stig having his sister arrive from Sweden. (I mean Stig is the best character.) Hands down, Stig e is the only one that brought anything new to the movie and was able to keep me entertained. And to end things off, there is this one scene in which Jodi gets asked “What would you say to people who think being tall isn’t an issue?” She responded by saying that she knows it’s not as bad as world hunger or other issues but it is still an unfortunate problem and doesn't dismiss how people bullied her. I talked with my friends about this part and they both had the stuff to say. One friend, Athiyyah, responded with “Being tall gives off-model energy.” My other friend, Takiba, commented on the movie and said “The movie is very ignorant. Being tall is something people would love to be.” 

Commentary On The Crew

If you were to think of a person best qualified to write about the struggles of a tall teenage girl in high school, that person would probably be someone who went through similar “struggles'' or experiences. But who was the person who actually wrote this movie you may ask? A mid 40-year-old man who is 4’11.  Crazy right!? Something this movie lacks is diversity because this movie more or less doesn’t have any. Most of the cast members are white and there aren’t many people of color. Another thing is that there isn’t any LGBTQ+ representation in the movie. All of the character relationships are heterosexual and none of the characters (main or side characters) openly identify as anything other than straight.

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