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Student Council Newsletter:

November 2021


By Phoebe Aseoche
Published November 27, 2021

Mission Statement:
Student Council is a student-elected committee of students who aims to collaborate with teachers and fellow students to plan and facilitate events that help build positive community structure while establishing standards of education, school spirit, and honor; to provide democratic government through representation of the student body.
Elections Are Starting! 
Want to be a part of the Student Council? Now is your chance to join! An email was sent out informing students of vacant positions, so check it out! Look out for our interest meeting taking place on December 8th from 2:45 pm - 3:15 pm. 

For more information on the values for Student Council, how it differs from other student governments at TYWLS, and upcoming projects check the link here.  
Get In Touch! 
For any inquiries about Student Council, its elections, or to simply say hi, reach out using this email -

In the meantime, check out Student Council on the TYWLS Website to learn more about its current members and filled positions!

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