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Student Council Newsletter: May 2021

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TYWLS Astoria



Created By Afsana Rahman & Asiamae Caracas

By Evelia Romero
Published May 07, 2021

Mission Statement

Student Council is a student-elected committee of students who aims to collaborate with teachers and fellow students to plan and facilitate events that help build positive community structure while establishing standards of education, school spirit, and honor; to provide democratic government through the representation of the student body.

Launch of Subcommittees! 

This week, our StuCo subcommittees have officially launched and some even hosted their first meeting! Our subcommittee leads were able to present project ideas and future plans to all our subcommittee members. StuCo is excited to see many students willing to collaborate to further progress the TYWLS community! 

A Word From Our President & Vice-President


As StuCo is working full force and project plans have been put in motion, StuCo President Nora Anzer and Vice President Tamanna Begum would like to share some statements on the current projects in the works and possible collaboration with other student-led groups.
- Nora Anzer, StuCo President

When asked the question on what are the main objectives of the Council for this year, both Nora and Tamanna replied with “We try to build a more comfortable environment at TYWLS. We want students to rely on the Student Council. Make student voices heard. We currently hope to do that through subcommittees.”
When asked if the Student Council will collaborate with other student-led groups, such as Student Junto, both Nora and Tamannna agreed. “Oh definitely,” answered Nora, “we hope to 


work together in improving communication and planning school-wide events.” Tamanna even looked toward future plans and said, “Next year, transition to in person-learning would be a collaborative process between the two. Both organizations are student-led, so both have an idea on what students really need. We are just two groups that operate differently but share a common goal.”




Want to know who's in the Student Council? Check out the Student Council section on the TYWLSA website! 

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