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Student of the Month: April 2021 Edition

By Yangchen Gurung

Published April 03, 2021


Phoebe Grace Aseoche '22!

“She is a close friend of mine and she always has her camera on and participates in class (which makes the virtual learning experience a lot easier for teachers); she always goes above and beyond to help me with any of my assignments and motivates me to study with her; she also is very active in the TYWLS community considering that she is in many clubs (SportsHi, CSHS, Riley's Way, etc) she's also the secretary for my club and is always willing to help me!”


“Phoebe Aseoche (11th grade) because she has been working with me to help keep me motivated. She remains organized and focused even through the adjustments of virtual learning, which is very admirable.”

“I want to shout her out because she is consistently participating in all of the classes I have with her as well as always offering help to students that need it.”

“Phoebe Grace Aseoche, she is a classmate of mine and she's one of the most hard-working people especially during remote learning. Her camera is always on and she's always super active and collaborative. she's always nice to everybody and helps them through the screen.”

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