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Student Junto Newsletter: April 2021

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TYWLS Astoria


TYWLS Astoria

By Yangchen Gurung

Published April 20, 2021

Introducing student junto members and the upcoming events being planned. Feel free to reach out to your grade team leaders or subcommittee members.

Junto Members & Information


What each grade rep is planning

8TH GRADE–Finding internships for class

9TH GRADE–Bi-weekly google forms to express concerns

10TH GRADE–Mental health town hall

11TH GRADE–Planning townhalls for vocational courses, etc.

12TH GRADE–An event for seniors before graduation


Upcoming events

  1. Senior Graduation (in-person) [Date: 6/21 (subject to change)] 

  2.  TYWLS Leader Awards: [Date: 5/27 @1:30pm] 

  3. 8th grade stepping up ceremony [Date: TBD]

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