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Student Council Newsletter: April 2021

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TYWLS Astoria



Created By Afsana Rahman & Asiamae Caracas

By Evelia Romero

Published April 20, 2021

Mission Statement

Student Council is a student-elected committee of students who aims to collaborate with teachers and fellow students to plan and facilitate events that help build positive community structure while establishing standards of education, school spirit, and honor; to provide democratic government through the representation of the student body.

Recent Developments 

WELLNESS GRANT–After coordinating and speaking with the school administration, the Council was able to obtain a grant of $2500! This money was used to install a water fountain that filters out both warm and cold water.


HD Supply

CREATION OF SUBCOMMITTEES–The Student Council is proud to announce the creation of subcommittees! Given the importance of student advocacy during this time, it is encouraged for students from all grades to participate in Council-run subcommittees. Some of the committees this year include study groups, event planning, and diversity teams. If you were unable to apply for a subcommittee this year, not to worry, subcommittee applications open every year!  





Want to know who's in the Student Council? Check out the Student Council section on the TYWLSA website! 

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