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Squid Game: Is It Worth Watching?

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By Niyama Chowdhury & Tayiba Hussain
Published November 01, 2021

Even if you aren't up to date with the latest trends, you have most likely heard of Netflix's newest sensation, Squid Game. With over 132 million viewers, the South Korean drama series has taken over the world, with it now streaming in 94 countries across the world. In a matter of days, the series has become Netflix’s most-streamed show and the buzz doesn’t seem likely to come to a halt any time soon. 

The Premise
Squid Game revolves around hundreds of indebted participants competing in a series of children's games with deadly stakes, for desirable prize money. The games progressively get more challenging–both physically and mentally–as players compete to be the last ones standing in order to win the cash prize. 
Squid Game is a thrilling watch that will keep you eager and anxious until the very end. 

Is Squid Game worth watching? 
By popular opinion, Squid Game has everything needed to be a great show! Squid Game’s elaborate plot with a keen focus on detail is consistently conveyed in each scene, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. One of their most interesting approach to keeping the audience entertained is the shapes on the guard’s masks in the show The shapes on the masks are meant to convey the authority of each guard. The circles are at the bottom of the hierarchy, right above the contestants. They are in charge of distributing food to contestants and maintaining order in the games. The Triangles are in the middle of the hierarchy. They are armed at all times and are allowed to use their weapons when necessary to keep the games running smoothly. The square, the highest of the hierarchy,  makes all decisions necessary to keep the games flowing.

The Games 
The contestants’ first exposure to the games is by playing "ddakji", a Korean game consisting of striking a paper square with another in an attempt to flip the paper square over. In Squid Game, the recruiter (Gong Yoo) offers a heap of money on the off chance that the recruiter loses and simply slaps his opponent in the chance that he wins. This recruitment game has encouraged many of the players to continue to the games of Squid Game that follow.  
The game of Red Light, Green Light, has also been altered in Squid Game. In a typical game of Red Light, Green Light, a game consisting of a start line and finish line in which players must cross the finish line with the only chance to move when the leader says “green light.” In Squid Game, there is a robot that allows players to move towards the finish line when she says “red light, green light”. However, instead of sending players back to the starting line when they move after they are told to stop, the player is instantly shot to death. This barbaric approach to Red Light, Green Light sets the gory tone for the remainder of the show as the audience wonders what inhumane approach is taken to the next children’s game.

Viewer Opinions
Alexi Capili, a student at TYWLS Astoria states “Squid Game is an interesting show.” She says the show has taught her the lengths to which people are willing to go when they are “desperate” for money. Squid Game is something other than outlandish viciousness. It's an anecdote about society and exactly how far an individual will go for cash - regardless of whether it implies risking instinctive brutality and all. As the series proceeds, friendships and unions structure between the characters making the competition even more difficult. 
Squid Game is the type of show that not only makes you question society’s social construct but also makes you wonder the role society plays in maintaining its inhabitant’s lives.

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