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”I usually check Pinterest to get fashion inspiration or find out about the latest trends”- Tsring Dolma (TYWLS student)

Spring 2021 Fashion Trends / Must-Haves




Warm weather is finally here! With that being said, you might be wondering what the latest fashion trends are, but don't you worry because this section will tell you everything you need to know! Here are some tips and tricks, remember to support small businesses!


First and foremost, prepare to wear a LOT of dresses. Secondly, It looks like this will be a colorful spring...literally.

By Yangchen Gurung

Published April 07, 2021



Next up, JORTS! Who knew these would make such a comeback! 

As seen below, Kendall Jenner is seen wearing jorts on an outing.



Can’t forget the accessories!  It looks like shoulder bags are here to stay (and I'm not complaining)!



”I own 3 shoulder bags and I love them!”-Tenzing Choeyeng

"These trends have been able to help me find my style and individuality" - Another TYWLS Student

And last but not least, check out Queen Emma Chamberlain for more outfit inspo!


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