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Lizfullofsweets: A TYWLS Business




With small businesses being created left and right, people are finding their passions and interests! This ranges from clothes to jewelry and household furniture. With all the time being spent on social media in this day and age there's always something new to discover. Trends have constructed the world we live in as well as peoples self expression and media. Here at TYWLS, we have many creative women who love doing what they do. Continue reading to get an inside of a fellow TYWLS students path to her small business as well as the latest trends in society today!

By Gabriela Mendoza

Published April 07, 2021

The brown and sage green trend: You can now find these colors in all shapes and forms, people are seriously obsessed! You can find some of my favorite forms of these colors in shoes and jewelry and so much more.


Milkmaid spring dresses: Spring is here and so are spring clothes! Time to pull out the open toed shoes, skirts and shorts because the weather is getting warm, and fast! These dresses can be found in almost any store and in all different patterns. Find one that reflects who you are and what you like!


Chunky jewelry: Whether it is gold, silver or simply made of clay these statement pieces can spice up any outfit. Remember when buying these pieces to try and buy from small businesses as the quality is usually better and you're supporting someone's dream!


Shopping small: Small businesses are rejoicing everywhere as it has become popular to support small businesses otherwise known as: shopping small! I had the pleasure of speaking to a student from our school named Lizbeth Cabrera, who runs a small baking business. When asked why she began her business she responded by saying she was trying to find her niche and liked to bake and decided it was a great way to make a profit! She also states that instagram and social media platforms really helped her when it came to promoting her business. She also said that the people that reposted her business brought in other customers, this is a sign to go promote that small business! Lastly I asked her why we as students shop small and she says because, making a small business and building it from the ground up and being your own boss was really rewarding and that we would be supporting her dream! Everyone go visit her Instagram page and order a sweet treat: @lizfullosweets. 

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