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Student Shoutouts! 

Image by Alena Jarrett

By Yangchen Gurung

Published April 03, 2021

Some outstanding students!

Laila Trii- “I want to shout out Laila Trii, a student in the 10th grade because she has blossomed into a beautiful person and her kind words and attitude are inspiring.”

Ashley Reyes- “I would like to shout out Ashley Reyes 10th grade. My reason behind this is because since the beginning of the school year she has been working very hard to keep up with all her classes, internships and she has recently started her own little business in a way where she bakes multiple treats. She has shown what time management really is and how it can change someone and continue to build good habits.”

Syeda Laiba - “I really want to shout out is Syeda Laiba. I want to shout her out because she has been a great supportive friend! She also is very hardworking and is very dedicated to her work! She always keeps a positive attitude even in the darkest moments. She is a strong leader that one day will change this world. She is very helpful, participates in advisory!“

Alina K- “I think I want to shout out Alina K in 7th grade because she talks out loud to the class every day and she turns on her camera as well as working very hard and helping others when they need it :)”

The Mastery Youth Ambassadors - (Nicole McFadden, Trianne Hontiveros, Phoebe Aseoche, and Asiamae Caracas) They answered questions about Mastery for schools in NYC, Chicago, Pennsylvania, etc during their free time and did an excellent job representing our school.”

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