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A Students Opinion on Online Learning


By Elida Kuka

Published April 07, 2021

Remote learning was an idea introduced to us last year back when school was closed on March 13th. Ever since Covid-19 hit the states a majority of students in the U.S have been attending classes online in front of a digital screen, resulting in little interaction with classmates and teachers as compared to the pre-covid era.


At first, in the 2019-2020 school year, remote learning was manageable, as most classes were not live. Students had flexibility during the day and could complete assignments at any time they pleased as long as it was completed by the due date. However, during the 2020-2021 school year, there have been more challenges for students who chose fully remote learning. 


In remote learning, you are in school from 8:30 till 1:20, at most schools without any lunch periods. Here at TYWLS, every other period is live, so if you have one live class the next will be independent. Blended learning is a mix of going in-person to school and remote learning. Where some days you stay at home and complete the classes like in remote learning. Whilst other days you go to school and sit in and learn. The problem with blended learning is even on the days you go to school, you are doing the same thing as remote learning, just in the school building. You aren’t permitted to sit with other students and interact like before.


As classes begin earlier and live classes are required to attend, I feel like I am in a constantly rotating cycle. As compared to this year, last year I was able to enjoy my weekdays more and had more excitement and motivation to learn and complete my assignments. This year feels like it's week after week of the same kind of days. Last year I was expected to complete the daily assignments by the end of the day or the next morning. With little to no live classes, and joining them being your decision. 


However this year we are required to attend live classes and do work whilst in them. If you want to obtain satisfactory grades, you constantly have to be doing work. There are many times where teachers do let you do the work in different time frames. Since they understand that being in front of a digital screen all day is not too motivating. At times I feel lost and tired along with the other students. In addition, remote learning makes me sympathize with the new students who never stepped foot in the school building. It makes me wonder when things are going to go back to normal with that excitement and jubilant school days that once were the source of my happiness. 


I’ve got an opinion from another student here at TYWLS of Astoria, Cloey Cabasal, a fellow 9th grader. She indicates, “I actually do like online learning compared to in person. I get to work at my own pace every school day and at least get a few more sleep hours in the morning since I don’t necessarily need to take the train to go to school.”  Some can relate to Cloey, where online learning might be better and less tiring for them since they do not have to worry about taking the bus or train. 


In addition, Cloey also unveils that online learning “is sufficient [for her]. However, for other students, with online learning, it’s harder when working on assignments you don’t understand or is struggling with since you don’t have friends to help out or work together on during class.” This is a valid point because everyone is dealing with this differently. Some students are more comfortable reaching out to teachers remotely. Whilst some students struggle to build up the urge of emailing a teacher.

Ultimately, online learning comes with many ups and downs and while some students are able to endure such obstacles, others are not. Online learning is an experience that varies from person to person, but there's something we all have in common: the want for in-person learning in a world without digital screens. 

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