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Loss of energy in the middle of the day? Not able to focus in class? 

Well, that can be fixed with a little bit of NAPPING!

Image by Brett Jordan

By Madiha Masud
Published December 18, 2021

Naptime can refer to power naps. A small period of time, between 10 to 20 minutes, when one can rest their body to wake up feeling refreshed and energized.
As a full day of school ends, students are busy with work after school- whether it be schoolwork or any activities outside of school. Getting a little nap after school would be a difficult task due to the amount of work they might have. However, if students get time in school to have 10 to 15 minutes of power naps, a multitude of students would be able to wake up feeling refreshed and energized, ready to finish their schoolwork. 
The current school routine we have is decent, no complaints for now, but the small period of time for that power nap would be very helpful for a teenagers mind to be fully working and energized to have the ability to function well and focus properly. 
The human body, in general, needs a specific amount of hours of sleep in order to function for a full day. Although, as life can get busy, 5 hours of sleep out of 24 hours is not enough. The body’s ability to function properly does not correspond correctly when sleep isn’t in between the 7 and 9 hours range.

Naptime = Power Naps

Should naptime be a thing in TYWLS? 
As I interviewed some students in Tywls, one has stated that “nap time would be beneficial” and “maybe just for 10 to 15 minutes.” (Sophomore O.)
Another has stated that, “we can change advisory into naptime..” (Sophomore H.
And another added, “because some people don’t get enough sleep.” (Junior R.)
As I interviewed more, many have agreed with the idea of naptime being a thing in tywls. Although, as I was interviewing, a reminder came to be careful of the time. The idea of having naptime in tywls is beneficial in many ways however, the time is definitely an interfering factor. 
An interviewee stated that as a student, being tired is a normal thing. Naptime, certainly, would be amazing, however, realistically speaking, having nap time during school hours would just be a waste of time. (Junior A.)
Time is an issue that may interfere with the idea of having naptime, but the time during advisory may be a good time for that little power nap. Some advisors may have that little naptime or chill time but having noptime normalized for about 15 minutes within advisory as it will be helpful. 
A senior had stated that many students are balancing multiple aspects in their student-home-work life. Trying to balance that load on top of other responsibilities means they are constantly tired, which can negatively impact their health. Senior continues, “having that nap time can possibly lead to feeling nourished and motivated again on top of feeling reinvigorated.” She also went on to include that nap time can also be beneficial to students whose “circadian rhythms don’t function the same way as the majority of the populace.” 
Naptime, in general, is just a little power nap that can boost the energy and It can be argued that nap time will somewhat make a student more sleepy and tired, however, a 10 to 15 minutes of power nap would be a great time for students to charge their energy and refresh their minds for a better focus for the rest of the school day

Although time is an issue, naptime would certainly be a thing to consider regarding students' mental and physical health.

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