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Day in the life of Sam

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By Merlin Perez
Published November 13, 2022

Samuel Deutsch AKA Sam has been a teacher at TYWLS for 3 years. He has many other roles outside of the school day like coaching different sports teams like the TYWLS Flag football team.


What’s a day in the life of Sam?

After interviewing Sam I learned so much about his life during a school week. Sam wakes up at 6:00 am in the morning to come and teach his students. Once he’s awake, he drinks three shots of Espresso (no wonder he has so much energy in the morning). After having his Espresso, he brushes his teeth and face and gets dressed for the day. He gets in his car and drives to Astoria Park where he parks his car and takes his scooter for the rest of the ride to school. He gets to the building around 7:55 am or earlier. Once the clock hits 8:00 am, he is with his 7th-grade advisory or he works with Tomas, a science teacher, and helps him to plan the lessons for the next science class. After first period, he makes his way to 7th-grade science class. He and Tomes teach students about many cool things. Once he is done teaching the 7th graders, he starts to prep for his other classes. Sam is also a gym teacher and teaches 9th grade. He will then go to lunch and sometimes leaves the building to go have lunch with his brother who works at Mount Sinai. After Sam has lunch, he goes back to teaching another 6th-grade class. He gets home at different times as it depending on the day. If it's a Wednesday or a Friday he coaches the TYWLS flag football Team and then he teaches 3 other sports teams till 6:30 pm. Once he’s finished coaching, he gets in his car and drives home. He will usually get home between 7:00-7:30 pm. Once he gets home he will hang out with his wife and they will watch Movies for a few hours or sometimes his wife will let Sam play video games or watch football. Sam will watch youtube videos on his own for a while and then get ready to go to bed. He goes to sleep, wakes up, and does it all over again.


That’s a day of life for Sam.

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