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Governor Andrew Cuomo's Career is on the line: What will impeachment do to the state of New York?


New York Times

Governor Cuomo has asked New Yorkers to patiently wait for the results for the investigations of the multiple accusations of sexual harassment against him

By Afsana Rahman

Published April 18, 2021

Governor Andrew Cuomo has been alleged with multiple sexual harassments. However, being a person of high authority, Gov. Cuomo’s allegations have yet to be taken seriously. 


Gov. Cuomo’s latest allegation in December of 2020 has, however, drowned him in multiple aspects. As Alyssa McGarth, an employee of the governor’s office, claims, there have been multiple instances in which the Governor would make remarks on her looks and make comments on her body. McGarth, 33, is the first aide of the Governor’s office to openly speak about Governor Cuomo’s allegations of sexual harassment. 


After Ms. McGarth spoke publicly about her sexual harassment at the Capitol, multiple other women from the Governor’s office have come forward with their stories of the Governor’s harassment. McGarth said “‘She [one of the other aides] froze when he started doing that stuff to her. But who are you going to tell?” McGarth acknowledged the power that the Governor holds and like many of the other aides, has decided to keep her mouth closed until recently. 

What does the Governor say about that?

Governor Cuomo, 63, has refused all of these allegations and states that his relationships with his employees, which he views as friends, have been misinterpreted. Cuomo’s Lawyer, Rita Glavin, claims that Governor Cuomo’s are all misinterpreted saying, “he has made it clear that he has never made inappropriate advances or inappropriately touched anyone.”


With this scandal occurring, multiple democratic state leaders have called for his resignation as more allegations have resurfaced.

  • Ms. McGrath stated that Cuomo had kissed her on the forehead and gripped her waist tightly when posing for a picture two years ago. 

  • Lindsay Boyland accused Cuomo of kissing her on the lips without her permission in 2018. 

Where is Gov. Cuomo in the impeachment process and what could this look like?

As the governor denies his sexual harassment allegations, he refuses to resign as well. Most of the investigation is stated to be conducted confidentially in order to protect witnesses who wish to speak up, though many lawmakers are pushing for regular updates.


New York Times

The last time the Assembly held an impeachment hearing was in 1913

Since the investigation is still in process, the impeachment process has yet to start. However, once the impeachment process starts and passes the Assembly, it would be up to the Senate to try to impeach Governor Cuomo. Two-thirds of the vote is needed to be for Cuomo’s impeachment food conviction. 

Who's Governor Cuomo's replacement?

As Governor Cuomo faces a possible impeachment, the lieutenant governor of New York has begun facing challenges as well.


New York Times

Ms. Hochul would be New York's first female governor if Mr. Cuomo resigns or is removed from office

Kathy Hochul has stated that she supports an investigation into the allegations of sexual harassment against Governor Cuomo. While many in the Capitol are ready to impeach Governor Cuomo, not everyone is ready to have Kathy Hochul as their next governor. 


“I would call Kathy a Joe Biden Democrat,” states Len Lenihan, a former longtime chairman of the Erie County Democratic Committee. “She’s very good with the base of the party but has the ability to appeal to people beyond the solid base.” 


With all this buzz around a new Governor, however, many still reside with Cuomo and wish to continue to see him in the Governor position. “I think she seems more fair,” remarks Lori Marranca, current Democratic councilman. “But, I don’t know if he needs to be impeached.” 


As new arguments stir between choosing Kathy Hochul or keeping Governor Cuomo, there is still much to take into consideration before deciding who would fit the position of the Governor the best. 

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