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Club Spotlight - SportsHi!


By Crystal Takoor

Published March 30, 2021

The SportsHi club at TYWLS of Astoria, founded by Nora Anzer, is committed to putting students first in high school sports. Created by Alex Miles, SportsHi is an app dedicated to providing high school students opportunities in multiple areas, such as sports, marketing, leadership, ambassadorship, and much more! Everyone has a different role in the club. In fact, the current members have already had the opportunity to meet with guest speakers and coaches from different universities! SportsHi’s mission is to increase sports engagement and participation through promoting the love of sports. Members of the SportsHi receive access to many advantages, such as resume boost, connection with colleges, gaining digital and promotional skills, increased engagement with sports, and scholarship opportunities! At the end, they will receive a letter of recommendation from the CEO of SportsHi himself! The members of this club are also being exposed to a variety of business opportunities, as well as gaining experience, which looks great on your resume for colleges and employers.

Interviews: What members of the club think about SportsHi:

“I chose to be a part of SportsHi because I wanted an opportunity to possibly build my resume. What really sets SportHi apart from other clubs is the amount of guest speakers we get to be introduced to every week we meet! Thanks to some connections our president has, we are able to talk to many significant coaches in different women's sports teams, and the meets are always really interactive and insightful! From these meetups, we get to learn what it's like being in the sports industry and how rewarding and challenging that has been. Not only do we get to interact with these prominent coaches, but there is also an ambassador program that many of our club members are a part of. Overall, Sportshi is a pretty interesting club to be in, and every meeting feels like there is something always going on!” 

-Trieu, Britney. “SportsHi Club.”  19 Apr. 2021.

“The reason why I chose to continue working with SportsHi even after I finished my ambassadorship with them is because of how much I resonated with their message. They were one of the only apps that I've seen that really focus on high schoolers and providing opportunities for both student athletes and non-student athletes who have a passion for sports. I still remember, last summer I was on the weekly ambassador call and it was my last week there. Working on the tasks throughout the twelve week ambassadorship filled my summer and I was almost about to start school. I've loved the community there and when one of the interns announced that they were taking applications for chapter presidents, I decided to take the risk and do it. The networking and people I was able to connect with (like the CEO Alex Miles, interns and other chapter presidents from the US) was one of the most invaluable things I was able to gain since being a president. Most of the clubs at TYWLS pertain to a hobby or a specific interest, but my club is different since it focuses on one of the things that really makes our school who we are which is - our athletic program. We are in the process of doing a fundraiser for our athletic program to help assist with general funds as well as our future athletic awards night. It's necessary at TYWLS because its crucial that our athletic department gets the support that it needs since and I did outdoor track & field since freshman year, that was really important to me. However, what makes us really stand out is the fact that our club is backed up and supported by an app. This way we get an immense amount of opportunities and support that other clubs wouldn't normally have. Firstly, I have the privilege to be able to join monthly president calls hosted by Alex Miles, who is the CEO of SportsHi. In the monthly calls, he brings guest speakers from the business/sports fields or provides us workshops so that he can help guide the presidents and allow them better their chapters. These calls are exclusive to club members and chapter presidents and I've also had the honor of moderating a Q&A with Cierra Burdick who is a WNBA player to talk about leadership. Apart from that, I am able to pass on many opportunities such as scholarships - like the $10,000 SportsHi scholarship sponsored by Josh Richards to my club members. Additionally, I was able to bring various guest speakers like coaches from NYU, Columbia University and MIT to exclusively talk to my club members and TYWLS community. The value that SportsHi was able to bring to TYWLS is really special since we were able to bring students together, regardless of the fact that they played a sport or not. Since working with SportsHi and creating my chapter here at TYWLS I was able to learn many valuable skills. Some of the more technical things I was able to learn were social media, direct marketing, promotional material creation, and design skills. As a chapter president I was able to understand the value of connections and networking within the business industry. I also feel like taking the initiative to lead my own club assisted me with my leadership skills and better prepared me for the roles that I have within Student Junto and Student Council. I was also really nervous about public speaking in general but moderating Q&As as well as the club meetings definitely instilled some newfound confidence in me for sure. I am truly thankful to SportsHi for teaching me so many new skills and opening up a new world of opportunities to me.” 

- Anzer, Nora. Founder of SportsHi Club. 19 Apr. 2021.


“SportsHi allows students to speak directly with college coaches and college players. Some of these coaches have even come from top schools like Columbia, NYU, and MIT. We gain a better idea on not only college, but we get to learn about participating in a sport in college as well. This year we also sadly didn't get to have alumni day meaning many missed out on hearing about college life. Through SportsHi many students have still been able to get an insight about college overall. This club allows for a lot of close connections/networking opportunities with coaches. Many coaches encourage emails and questions. I also enjoy the fact that the overall environment is very welcoming with the Pres. and Secretary being very supportive. We also get to go over resumes together as well as learn presentation skills.” - 

-Caracas, Asiamae. “SportsHi Club.” 21 Apr. 2021.

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