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TYWLS Career Interests

 COVID-19 has gotten TYWLS students thinking! What careers are TYWLS students interested in?


By Tenzing Choeyeng

Published April 19, 2021

Clarity Education

Student Yangchen Gurung:

“I want to be a marketing manager or PR specialist. When I was younger I wanted to be a barber.”


Student Tsring Dolma:

“I want to pursue a career in teaching; hopefully, I achieve this dream. When I was younger I wanted to be a journalist or even a marine biologist. But, currently, I’m sticking to teaching.”


Student Sonam Tsering:

“I don't have a definite career I would like to pursue yet, but I hope to do something I enjoy.”


Some interviewees had a completely different career idea from when they were younger to now. What are the reasons for this major shift? Eventually, adolescents grow into adults having to make important decisions, and future career paths are one of them. While many people take risks to have a career in something they genuinely enjoy, a multitude of individuals go down a path that seems logical and reasonable to them; meaning these individuals evaluate their own skills of the career they wanted to reach and determine if they are suited for that job. TYWLS students are all placed in a college-bound plan to ensure a spot in college, however, after TYWLS these students have to create their own plan to ensure the career they want. The questions asked in the interview were to stimulate the students to ponder about their future professions and possibly evaluate themselves whether they really want to follow that path. 


“39% of people considering changes in career, do so because of better salaries.” 

“70% of the workforce is actively looking for a change in career.” 

The statistics displayed are career change statistics in 2020. As people grow older, they have ideas about a career change; prompting the questions asked in the interview could have allowed the students to think over their possible career choices so they don’t regret making such a life-changing decision. Whether it’s for the students to look past the fact they want to pursue the career they enjoy or look into the fact they want to pursue the career they enjoy, either or, it permits the students to proceed with a plan. Even the person reading this article, can prompt the question onto themselves, What career do you want to pursue? How has this changed over time?

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