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Interested in After School Activities? TYWLS Club Comebacks & More!

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Phoebe Aseoche

By Phoebe Aseoche
Published November 12, 2021


  • Tune in to find out what TYWLS has to offer this year! 

  • Coming out of a school year of pandemic, we are encouraging students to get back into the TYWLS community for some fun and amazing experiences!

  • Here is the link for afterschool clubs reminder sent out by TYWLS News


Welcome Back TYWLS!

Welcome back TYWLS into a new post-pandemic school year where we finally can get back into clubs after school and rebuild our community. Ranging from a community to listen and watch your favorite artists to becoming financial experts! Be inspired to make your own club for your interests or make friends that share passions! Here at TYWLS, we celebrate everyone’s passions, cultures, leadership, and talent to become empowered women of the future! 


Join Your Community: Be Inspired and Open! 

Below is a list of clubs and organizations that TYWLS is offering this school year 2021-2022! Expand on your passions and be open to exploring new interests. Each club not only offers a space to be you or get to know yourself more but people in similar situations; a community of acceptance and support! 


1. Asian Culture Club 

Calling all the K-pop/Anime lovers at TYWLS! We encourage you to check out one of the most popular clubs at TYWLS: the Asian Culture club led by Sofia Hassan (president) –senior– and Norman Wu (advisor) –Math teacher. Both have created a space for both K-pop and Anime lovers with new videos/movies to watch each week! The club was called Asian Cultural Club from the beginning when it was first formed. However, during the pandemic year, Norman created K-pop and Anime Clubs as remote clubs and once we started in-person school this year, he decided to essentially combine the two clubs into one club and named it Asian Cultural Club again. “Every week could be either a week for k-pop dance videos or anime movies,” Norman explains. 


Every club member is engaged and enthusiastically recommending content the whole club would be interested in, which makes it a fun community opportunity. Unfortunately, walking trips are only allowed momentarily but be on the lookout for future opportunities to go on trips such as Comic-Con taking place on weekends. So come join and meet new people or reconnect with friends who may be interested in the same content you are into! 


2. Drama Club

There is no space more like family than the Drama Club! The drama club started in 2007 when Cailtin Staton –drama teacher– produced her first TYWLS play. Since then, she has produced incredible and moving productions including Shakespeare, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hanson, Pippin, and more! What makes drama clubs very special? “There is such a great amount of courage required for an actor to step onstage opening night. Each cast member has to show incredible leadership to the cast through support, commitment, and community” Cailtin explains. There is always a role for everyone and the show can’t go on without teamwork. At drama club, you can play in different plays and musicals as it interchanges every year. 


Drama club is super fun but a huge commitment!  Be ready to schedule many rehearsals and run-throughs. From experience when working on High School Musical and Rise, drama club was the best part of my day. I got to jam out with my friends and make new ones through singing, dancing, and rehearsing lines. There was never a dull day that I loved which made everyone feel like family. Every day my peers and I brought our energy to provide a moving and joyful experience for our audience. This positive environment made me a more confident and creative person when getting to express a rare side of me. This year’s 2021 production is called All I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.  Casting has already been set; however, keep drama club on your radar for future productions and intensive opportunities! Break a leg! 


3. The Namaste Club

Namaste! You can find your center and relaxation at the Namaste Club. You have the chance to practice meditation and restorative yoga exercises in a safe and inclusive environment.  The pandemic has caused a lot of stress, tension, and changes in our lives which we are learning to get used to! Shout out to all the juniors and seniors, as well as every student at TYWLS  who may be experiencing stress or anxiety towards school work and getting used to a new learning environment.  Or I should say an old learning environment. 


Cheryl Voelker –an Inclusions Teacher– has made that possible for you! Now you can have a space to relax and de-stress yourself on a tough day! Meditation and yoga have been proven to calm our minds and provide that mind break we all need to get through all week full of exams and academic stressors. Or if you believe in the works of yoga and taking care of your body with a few simple exercises/motions, feel free to join! At TYWLS we are always looking out for our students and taking care of their mental and physical health! After all, you do need both to learn! 


4. Digital Dance Drop-In Dance classes

Here at TYWLS, we love to allow students to express every interest and passion! We have many talented dancers and students who want to take their first dance class. But digital dance isn’t just any dance class; it is a production of TYWLS girls who have a passion for both dance and technology. With jaw-dropping designs and props created by the Tech Crew at TYWLS such as robotic spheres with programmed lights and LED tutu’s. Digital Dance has been intensive for a while, but “this is the first time we are offering drop-in dance classes for everyone!” explains Emily! 


Digital Dance is very student-driven. TYWLS students make the choreography and run the practices! When attending one of their drop-in classes on Monday, I was able to learn a few simple steps from Nicole –11th grader– and Alanna –12th grader– in just 45 minutes! Disregarding the fact that I have been dancing for 12 years, it felt nice to get back into dance outside of my studio. Dance has always been my way of letting out my emotions and expressing myself.  Zakiya Dyer –12th grader–  said "I'm excited about digital dance because for starters I haven't danced in a little over a year so it feels great to be back but also digital dance is somewhat like a family and I feel comfortable with the girls I dance with. Lastly, it's a space for me to express myself through the one thing I love doing, dancing."


Digital Dance is offering drop-in dance classes to anyone who loves to dance or wants to learn. We stretch, warm-up, and learn some choreography from this year's Digital Dance production. Digital Dance is a dance-technology collaboration featuring student choreography and student-built wearable technology, robotic props, programmed backdrops, and more! Digital Dance will officially kick off later in the year as an intensive, but these drop-in classes are a great way to try it out or learn the choreography for auditions. All are welcome, even if you are not planning on auditioning for Digital Dance! 


Link for past Digital dances! 

Link #2 for full digital dance! 


5. Gender & Sexuality Alliance 

At TYWLS, we strive to ensure students feel accepted in an inclusive and diverse community. Members are completely anonymous in respect to the member. The GSA Club stands for the Gender and Sexuality Alliance which is open to all grades and a safe space where students who are part of the LGBTQ community or a supporter/Allie can express themselves. Through recognizing issues that have made them feel empowered or the negative influences against them, GSA members are free to talk. The GSA Club was created 4 years ago, 2018, by Greg Zimdahl –Humanities & Social Studies Teacher– and Gabby Lee –Inclusion Teacher, Peer Collaborative Teacher–. This was the start of one of the most supportive clubs at TYWLS. This club provides sub-groups including a social community, social media, educational aspects, and network teams. The optional agenda for each meeting are check-in, updates, and what they would like support on. Feel supported and empowered by listening to others’ unique stories and others listen to your own!


The GSA club hosted their first meeting in October which was “incredible and so great to be back. To finally have these discussions face to face” (Gabby and Greg). Currently, the focus of the GSA club is Identity as a whole and what has impacted our identity. Identifying yourself shouldn’t be pressurizing and coming from others’ expectations but your own which is why similar topics are addressed for students to voice out their opinions. When speaking to Gabby, she mentioned that future goals they are planning for future GSA meetings are ways to embed more Queer stories, events, establish a career of LGBTQ.  The club is student-run in terms of discussions and events. The GSA Club is striving to increase Cultural confidence (appreciating our diverse society) which we also contribute to during Multicultural Day and appreciation months we take pride in. As Greg said, “If you are going to be a leader of today or tomorrow, interacting with different people contributes to your cultural confidence.” 


6. Muslim Student Association

One of our values here at TYWLS is culture inclusivity and celebrating the diversity we have here. Thanks to Grace –Inclusion Teacher– all ethnic groups within our school, specifically Muslim students attending TYWLS can come together in a safe community and discuss important experiences they have witnessed in/outside our academics. The Muslim Student Association at TYWLS of Astoria strives to create a space for students to come together and talk about diversity, culture, religion, current events, and experiences. We aim to plan events to build connection and unity between students of all backgrounds as well as provide educational experiences to address and challenge misconceptions and stereotypes. 


The MSA club started in the fall of 2019 by Grace herself. Being one of the many advocates for students’ voices as TYWLS, she has become passionate about making sure all student’s voices are being heard and acted upon as well as appreciating the diversity of traditions around us. To encourage leadership “Our club is student-led and the meeting format and focus are determined by members of the MSA. This club is dedicated to executing exciting initiatives and events for the school that members are passionate about” Grace explains. Last year, for instance, the club led several virtual events for the community, including a Ramadan series that featured cultural dress, food, and traditions in a virtual space that invited students to come and share their own experiences. In terms of upcoming initiatives, The MSA is working with the administration to create a quiet space in the building for reflection that students can use for 5-10 minutes as needed throughout the day. More info will be sent out once the logistics are finalized. Stay tuned!


7. Debate Club

Are you persuasive and convincing in an argument? Are you the type of person to have strong facts and opinions about topics but need a space to use these useful tactics? Debate Club is focused on talking about issues that happen around the world and how we can help make small changes together. In this club, you were able to voice out your opinions and learn how to effectively get your argument across which is an important life skill at any point in your life! Thank you to Sylvia Kwon –a Humanities and SEP teacher– students are able to practice their communicative and persuasive skills for any situation in life including a college debate or to even get the opportunity to speak for an important cause. 

8. Computer Science Honor Society - CSHS

Calling all SEP (Software Engineering Program) students, CSP/CSA (Computer Science Program) coders, and Robotics Members! Do you want the chance to help plan the annual hackathon, scavenger hunt, techie Awards, and do community service? CSHS is a space for all high school students who are interested or passionate about computer science to either express their love for technology by implementing their technical skills into creating change in society or to find and heighten their passion for CS by working on technical projects. CSHS was founded in October of 2020 by Afsana Rahman –11th grader– and Emily Fields –past STEM to create a community for the coders and CSP interested students at TYWLS to take part in any Technological opportunities offered by TYWLS and its STEM directors. 


Our school is one of the Apple Distinguished schools in New York and involves its students in a STEAM-based curriculum. Past groups representing STEAM at TYWLS included Tech Crew and Tech Crew Junior. Robotics is also offered as a mechanical engineering type while CS is a software engineering type. Currently, CSHS is planning the winter hackathon and the Scavenger Hunt. Additionally, I’ll keep you updated on the project CSHS is working on which is a youtube channel called Coding Book hosted by Phoebe, Bea, and Sasha as an extra resource to teach the different coding languages and tips we have used over time. Unfortunately, CSHS hasn’t been open to all students except SEP/CSP track students. However, feel free to contribute your ideas and suggestions. We hope that you participate in the upcoming events and maybe even learn something new! 


9. Guitar Class - Rock Ensemble

If you have been in TYWLS for a while you’d know that TYWLS  hasn't had music class in more than four years. Thanks to Paul –Music Teacher– Who is new to the TYWLS  community this year, the halls of TYWLS  are now filled with music and more inspiration. Paul has also started a guitar class club called The Rock Ensemble where many students get the opportunity to learn new instruments or express themselves in instruments they are fluent in to then play as an ensemble. This club was formed on October 6th and had its first rehearsal recently. 


In this music ensemble, musicians get to learn the fundamentals of performing music together. Being a team player and listening to others is part of the foundation of leadership. Everyone comes to understand that their part, their contribution are important to the whole sound of the band. When the fundamentals are known and it's understood how all the parts fit together, band members get the opportunity to not only lead the group but write original music or arrangements for the group as well. Within music, in reality, we are all leaders, because every part of the sound is important. Everyone's confidence is important to have a strong sound. According to Paul, the ensemble is currently working on a rhythm that is important when playing any accompaniment or instrument. “ Everyone learns the drum parts and bass parts of the songs. After that, they can specialize on their instrument of choice or learn a new one from scratch.”


Jessica who is a new member of the Rock Ensemble has said “Guitar club is very fun, all the while helping students tap into what may become a new hobby. I, along with my classmates, find ourselves looking forward to each new lesson. Guitar club is a great learning experience since we get to learn how to work together as a team and further our appreciation for music.” Every song practiced has strengthened the techniques rather than the traditional approach of needing to have years of lessons and practice before being able to play in a band. The beginners can play the foundational parts and the more advanced players can play the more challenging parts. Everyone grows at their rate yet still has an important part in the group.  Excitingly shortly, The Ensemble is planning to record a video and perform before Winter Break! Get ready to hear amazing covers and moving song pieces. 


10. Money Talks Finance Club 

The Money Talks Finance Club is one of our newest clubs hosted by Solomon Fisher-Smith – Inclusion Teacher–. Whether you are interested in learning how to handle money (saving, making, spending) and tackle real-life issues or are interested in the workings of our economy, this is the perfect club for you! This club was created on October 8th, 2021, and educates TYWLS girls on the impact that money has on our everyday lives, most importantly those who are providing for us such as our family, school, and more. 


Where does our money come from? Why do we need to pay taxes? Is the stock market considered a safe way to gamble? If you have questions about finance and the concept of money flow, Money Talks Finance Club is a new opportunity available for women and empowering women with the knowledge of becoming wealthy/comfortable. When asked what students are currently working on in the club, Solomon explained, Students take on projects and activities where they manage money and make important financial decisions. Financial education is where we learn everything from taxes, to stocks, to credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and everything in between. How much do we know about the money in our wallets? 


11. SportsHi Club 

SportsHi is making a comeback! Who is a sports fan? Any volleyball, baseball, flag football fans? SportsHi is the perfect place for students who may already be involved in a sports team at TYWLS or students who love to watch sports. SportsHi strives to build a bridge between sports and academics. Seeing as TYWLS students love to be active and ready for any challenge, SportsHI offers scholarships and in-depth experiences to create better leaders and ambassadors. This SportsHi chapter at TYWLS was founded in November 2020 virtually by Nora Anzer –Senior– who was introduced by attending their ambassadorship and Cathy Garro –Physical Education & Health Teacher, Activities Director–. “The reason why I chose to continue working with SportsHi even after I finished my ambassadorship with them is because of how much I resonated with their message” (Nora).  


SportsHi is an example of partnerships and ways TYWLS has collaborated with a diverse amount of organizations. SportsHi overall was founded by Alexander Miles (current CEO) and his vision was to positively impact students and the communities they represent. To Nora, “the networking and people I was able to connect with (like the CEO Alex Miles, interns, and other chapter presidents from the US)” was the most invaluable thing she gained since becoming president. Most of the clubs at TYWLS pertain to a hobby or a specific interest, but SportsHi club focuses on one of the things that make TYWLS our school which is - our athletic program. Come meet our SportsHi members from other chapters as well as our community at TYWLS to assist in planning the Athletic Awards with James, fundraising for promotional events, Q&A panels with college coaches, academic workshops, and monthly meetings on Tuesdays to check-in! Look out for registration and meeting dates! 



Nora Anzer - President (

Mayra Veintimilla - Vice President (

Phoebe Aseoche - Secretary (

Jadei Jara - Treasurer (

Jenette Munoz - Scholarship Liaison (

Angelina Maldonaldo - Social Media Manager (

Dechen Gurung - Event Coordinator (

Tiara Soto - Outreach Director (


12. Animal Crossing New Horizons Club

Calling all TYWLS Students who love to play Animal Crossing, hosted by Sylvia –SEP and Humanities teacher– and Randi Binova –Humanities & Social Studies Teacher–! It is a weekly social club where students will have a chance to chat with other Animal Crossing fans, visit other islands, trade tips, and items, and play games. Get ready to join other people’s islands and go on quests at the same time build your own world with fun characters including the Villager, Isabelle, Tom Nook, Bunnie, Bluebear, and more! *All are welcome to attend, but you will need a Nintendo Switch and online Subscription to participate! *


13. Anti-Racism Club

Born out of the worldwide social justice movements in 2020, TYWLS Anti-Racism Forum continues its work from virtual learning in a student club meeting to bring awareness and action to issues of racism and intersectionality (sexism, homophobia, ableism) in our world, city, school, and selves. Students who identify as Black, people of color, students with disabilities, and LGBTQIA+ are strongly encouraged to join to have their voices centered. This club was created by Gayathri Iyer –School Counselor– who has been very supportive and encouraging with students. 


14. True Crime Club 

For those interested in solving the most unsolvable cases, Buzzfeed unsolved fans, and potential criminology detectives, the true-crime club is always cooking up a case for you. According to Diana –advisor of club & Humanities/ELA teacher– “True Crime club is a time and place for budding high school criminologists to hone their crime-solving skills. In True Crime club, we will be discussing various active cases–starting with the Murder on Middle Beach case–and maybe even solving them!” The True Crime Club has a strong connection to criminology, whether it be studying case files, victim profiles, and familiarizing ourselves with the sensationalization of the perpetrators of these crimes.


This club was created in early October. Unfortunately, this club is only offered to high school students but is a thrilling club to look forward to! Inspiration for this club stemmed from numerous students at TYWLS's interest in studying criminology or forensic science in college. Now they have the chance to solve cases in high school! “By giving them the opportunity to learn about these things now in a high school environment, we better prepare them for the topics they will be studying in college” explained Emily. Each week will be a new focus of the crime and consuming media such as documentaries, presentations, and readings. Get to be detectives and solve an unsolvable case right at school. 


15. Mushroom and Microgreens Club 

If you have ever had Annie for Trout and Tree Club or one of the best science classes, this is the club for you! For students interested in preserving the greenery around them as well as minimizing humans’ impact on the earth, this club is for you! The Mushroom and Microgreens Club was founded in late October by Annie Amoguis –Science and SEP Teacher–. This club will encourage leadership because the girls can share their knowledge of growing mushrooms and microgreens with other people (maybe their parents or friends and relatives).  They can also learn how to become entrepreneurs and learn how to market greens and mushrooms.


This club is about growing our food in a small space and with limited resources.  They can grow this in their apartments and not buy greens and mushrooms in the supermarket and get them fresh.  Most greens sold in supermarkets are at least 2 weeks old because they are transported from a distance.  Nutrients start to break down the moment you harvest your greens so to get the most from them, you have to eat them fresh.  Mushrooms, especially gourmet varieties, are very expensive. You can make living growing mushrooms and microgreens if you know how to market them. Fun Fact: Mushrooms are harder to grow and would need a sterile environment so we would try to problem solve how we can get them growing with very limited materials. The environment needs us as much as we need it. Let’s protect and sustain it together!  


16. TYWLS Chronicles 

Saving the best club for last, TYWLS Chronicles. If you are a person interested in writing about school news, topics that interest you, opinions, or entertainment, join TYWLS Chronicles! TC is TYWLS’ first-ever digital-news paper to keep students updated on the world around them including TYWLS communities events, teachers, resources, and more. Its original inspiration was to bring TYWLS students and families out of a disparaging time during the pandemic and keep families updated to spread positivity and community. Many students including myself used TYWLS Chronicles as our outlet of creativity and passion for writing. Although we all started virtually, the whole experience felt like real-world journalism with strict deadlines and editors deciding on the final published issue. 


TYWLS Chronicles was founded by Afsana Rahman,  Sadiqua Khan –Juniors and editors of the newspaper– and Michael Stuart – Humanities and Social Studies Teacher and Chief-editor in December of 2020. Originally, Stuart led a newspaper intensive with Grace called Extra Extra. Right after the first year of Extra Extra, Grace founded a newspaper club however was short-lived until the spring producing a few issues including meeting Nick Jonas on the Good morning show. Now, under the support and production of Afsana, Sadiqua, and Michael, we are currently writing our first issue including this article and reports on “What stories TYWLS students are interested in reading. Research phase. Who we should interview'' explains Michael. However, there will be no trips unless we have a private plus which would need funding. Some of our guest speakers include Michael’s cousin who is a journalist for the New York Times and described her day job. Get the chance to express your writing and write about the change in our communities! 


17. Environmental Club

Are you interested in preserving the world around us and making a greener world? Environmental Club is also known as TYWLS Green Team's November goal is spreading awareness of the important social issues that need to be justified such as human influence on global warming and climate change. One of the influences is technology. During the pandemic, if not for laptops, computers, phones, zoom, and more, we wouldn’t be able to learn virtually and safely. Interactions with people around us aren’t minimized to the point of no connection but being able to catch up because of amazing advancements!


Last year, I had the pleasure of interviewing Yangchen Gurung –Senior– when writing the article Tech Companies Going Green, she feels as though the earth is something we are provided yet we take advantage of it saying, “everyone should care about it, I find it absurd that some people don’t seem to care about it.” Now with the Green Team/The Environmental Club, she has a platform and is bringing the messaging to others to stand up for the injustice that the environment is experiencing. The Environmental Club’s main focus for this year is “educating ourselves to educate others (activism and speaking on environmental injustices'' through Teach-ins and Town Hall or even starting from your own house and your own life. Yangchen Gurung ended the interview with an amazing quote “Change starts from your own house, you know? It starts with you and then your family members, and then your friends and everyone else. Hopefully from family to family, We will be able to create or maintain an environment that is a lot safer for the next generation.”

18. Student Leaders Association 

The Student Leaders Association is a club about connecting, empowering, and celebrating the next generation of student leaders. Tanya Bonano –Environmental Science Teacher– is striving to create impactful and effective leaders into pursuing their own big ideas. To contribute to TYWLS and create a strong community within TYWLS especially after a year of full-virtual learning and learning to hone our leadership skills (a part of the TYWLS motto and goal in its students). 

  • Empowerment

    • Resume-building/ ways to expand your resume 

    • Mock Interviews 

    • How to write emails

    • How to find internships/opportunities

    • and more!

  • Networking 

    • Speakers from different career fields (authors, military officers, attorneys, etc.) 

    • Provide connections to people that can help you expand on your passions!

  • Community Engagement 

    • Community service projects such as:

      • Fundraising 

      • Tutoring/Mentoring 

      • Creating educational materials for students in underrepresented locations

      • and more!

Interested in Joining our Student Gov? + Senior Updates!

1. Student Junto

Student Junto is a collective group of two representatives from each grade working together to create a better community in TYWLS of Astoria. Together they aim to serve as a listening committee for the school principal to create positive change for the entire community aligned to the four pillars of our school. Student Junto was created during Principle Mrs. Persad’s first year in 2015 in order to connect students to different grades. Having a listening ear to different grades (excited, connected, considered opportunities).  Dr. Persad describes it as “Expanding experience as an 11th grader for example. How can I make my grade exciting and build a positive school culture?” One thing she knew for sure was that she wanted students at the helm of decisions.


“Why is Student Junto the name?” It stems from the 1700s when Benjamin Franklin (took people from walks of life) and discussed how to improve everything. He named the society “Student Junto”. TYWLS had a student government before I had even joined the TYWLS Community; Jackie (our previous principal) had created a student government.  However, it was hard to get students and staff to run the council. It didn’t stay afloat for much longer. Now, consisting of 4 and more strong leaders such as Mia, Nora, Myra, and other empowering students, Student Junto has become TYWLS’ first student government. I had the pleasure of also getting to interview Nora and Mia –HS students– who have seen Student junto as their chance to improve their leadership confidence for their school’s future and how “It’s not voted in and just wanted a student committee. Not the most popular but create a diverse team to represent everyone. Everyone could voice their thoughts.” Be on the lookout for updates and opportunities to join this amazing club! 


Past meeting ideas include:

  • Inclusion and Safety of Muslim students

  • Ethnic and racial diversity in being more inclusive 

  • Events and communication has improved

  • Positive community & junto websites (class of 22) → updates for a grade! 

  • Student representatives believe in the impact of the school and represent it both inside and outside the school. 

  • Invested in the mission above and beyond 

  • National/public events 

  • Transparency in grades and making space so they are comfortable to talk on behalf of their grade.

  • Evolved as a team → Bylaws and adopted bylaws. And sub-committees. 

  • Drawing from students for hiring faculty and teams (panel interviews, open houses). In grade connection → Nora!


Differences between Student Junto and other Student leadership Clubs:

  • Many opportunities to bring something to a school’s attention. 

  • Making “prayer arms” so that everyone feels comfortable in changing something or addressing something in the school’s community (town hall, one-on-one.”

  • Student junto is just one space.

  • Click this link to read more about it!


2. Student Council

Interested in making a difference and having your voice heard? Want to take action to make our school community the best it can be? Join TYWLS Astoria’s student governing body to make a change! The student council was formed in November to December by Nick Scales –History Teacher– and Tori Gonzalez –Spanish Teacher– to establish leadership at TYWLS when creating a positive community structure and offering support to students voices in a more efficient way as well as understanding the work and how does the government work (guidelines + more student voices). Recently, Student Council sent out their interest forms for available positions for students who are interested. 


Student Council is a student-elected committee of students who aims to collaborate with teachers and fellow students to plan and facilitate events/needs that help build positive community structures while establishing standards of education, school spirit, and honor. “In doing so, since our area of focus is for the entire school community, we seek to raise funds for school-wide activities, including social events, community projects, helping people in need, and school reform.” This council has given its support to all TYWLS clubs. They are focusing on involving Middle School. Stay tuned for upcoming elections! The Student Council and the Constitution (via admin approval) give students a voice on matters stated above through our democratic form of student representation. 


Upcoming events and plans: 

  • Hosting a Club Fair

  • Hold a community day

  • Hosting a color run

  • Organize/play a student v. faculty competition 

  • Hold a school t-shirt design contest

  • Open a school spirit store/supply shop (online

  • Food drive


3. Senior Committee

Welcome back TYWLS Seniors! Ready for a final year at TYWLS? Just a heads up for those who are in Senior Committee, we will be meeting in the Spring, from now on, as seniors will have the opportunity to work on the yearbook & senior event planning during the Senior Yearbook intensive! Yay! Seniors will meet during this time to work on senior tasks and plan for future senior events. Look out for a seniors section coming soon in TYWLS Chronicles! 


4. 2023 Committee

Are you currently a junior looking forward to your senior year? Wanna get a head start on fundraising and planning events to make the senior year the most memorable? All juniors are invited to join and take part in brainstorming ideas for potential fundraisers that we could hold throughout the year to begin saving funds. To top it off, the club leaders will ensure that all members can continue planning for the next school year and college application process. 


They are here for support to make senior year less stressful and more awesome. 2023 Committee is under Student Junto as it would be led by the Student Junto 11th-grade representatives. Ideally, they aim to take all the accomplishments and progress of this year and apply them to next year as well, as a form of a senior committee. Look out for more updates!

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